mar 25

Jurgens Svar

Jag har tyckt om Liverpool sedan Tipsextra på tidigt 1980 tal. Nu tycker jag kanske mer om Jurgen än om laget och denna rättrådiga tyska är en glädje och fröjd att lyssna på. Nu senast när han läxade upp en reporter som hade ungefär följande frågeställning.

”So Jurgen the League is over and shut down. How shall we combat the deadly pandemi of Corona”

”I have no fucking clue. I know a few things about football but last time I checked I have no credentials in virusincubation or any merits with the Wold Health Organisation”. ”Well I want to know your opinion”. ”Well for crying out loud my opinion is of no interest and a waste of time. It absolutely has no value what I think in this matter. If you want to get some proper answers then you should talk to people that knows. If you want to find out about young girls school situation during the Talibans you talk to Malala. If you want to know how you can live without hate and anger in your life you go and talk to Nelson Mandela but you are a bit too late. If you feel you need to hear the view on milleniums today you have a chat with Simon Sinek and if you are curious how mankind are interacting with the biological world in a small and large scale then you give Sir Attenborough a call. You know buddy these irrelevant questions to me are leading nowhere and in all honesty no one cares. I know for a fact that my opinion in the world of epidemiology carries about as much wight as a big bag of dog-shit. But if you want to know why I substituted Salha for Mane a couple of Wednesdays ago or if you are keen to understand why I picked our young keeper last game and if you have an inclination to understand our youth team progress or any other sound decision in the management of Liverpool Football Club then I am keen. But these questions about my view on Corona or dog-breeding chihuahuas or Nucelar power or other obscure areas that I have no clue about then please do not waste your time and next time I want to ask a journalist a question how to conduct the perfect and relevant interview then I surely would not ask you. All right times up. I need to go and get some bratwurst and saur-krauten”.